Many individuals are under the mistaken impression that they can talk their way out of an arrest. No. You can’t. Once the police have you in a position where they are sitting down to speak with you, it is because they already have the evidence and have every intention to arrest you. You are not going to change their minds or convince them of anything. The only intention on speaking with a suspect is to provide the confession that ices the cake of the prosecution.

The police will likely present you with a Miranda form, which spells out all your rights to an attorney and not to speak with the police, and most people will sign this form simply thinking they are just acknowledging that those rights were provided to them. HOWEVER, what most people fail to realize, is that at the bottom of that same form, the signature actually states:

“I, _______________________, have read the above statement of my rights and they have also been read to me. I understand what my rights are. I am now willing to answer questions without the presence of an attorney.“

Do not sign this form as you are not simply signing that you understand your rights, but also agreeing to speak to the police. There is no rule or law stating that anyone must sign this “acknowledgement.” Simply state you will not proceed without an attorney.

Zip it. Zip it. Zip it. Take it from Willy the Wahoo, opening your trap will just end you up mounted on someone else’s wall.